Does Invisalign have permanent results?

Written by: Dr Chaw-Su Kyi
Edited by: Conor Lynch

We recently spoke with highly esteemed London-based orthodontist, Dr Chaw-Su Kyi, to discuss the success rate of Invisalign, and whether or not the dental treatment has permanent results for patients who decide to undergo the treatment. 

What is the success rate of Invisalign?

The overall success depends on two very important factors. Firstly, it depends on the correct treatment planning. Before even starting treatment, we are already looking ahead to the end result.


So, when I am assessing a patient, I am looking at how their teeth are, and then planning what changes we need to make. We need to make sure here that these changes are made in harmony with the patient’s soft tissues and their facial profile.


The second really important factor in the overall success of Invisalign is patient motivation. We are asking patients to wear something in their mouth pretty much 24/7. So, patient motivation is a huge factor when it comes to making sure that Invisalign treatment is successful.


How long does it take to see results from Invisalign?

Usually, by the time patients come in for their second review, they will have started to notice a difference. Each Invisalign tray will move the teeth a small amount. Patients will definitely notice a difference within the first three to four months, in relation to a change in their smile and an overall change in the teeth.


Does Invisalign have permanent results?

We would not offer treatment if it did not have long-lasting, stable, and healthy results, so yes, Invisalign will definitely have long-lasting results for our patients.


Should people wear retainers after their Invisalign treatment is finished?

Retainers really are the core to the success of this treatment, as well as providing long-lasting results. As soon as the treatment is finished and the brace is removed, the teeth are kind of like an elastic band. Once you finish the treatment and you don’t hold anything in the teeth’s position, there is a very high risk of relapse.


Retainers will help guide the teeth, the roots, the gums, and the soft tissues, and will allow the bone to hold the teeth in their new positions. Retainers are essential for every type of brace treatment.


What are the main success stories from Invisalign?

For me, it has been incredible to see how Invisalign has transformed how people feel about themselves, how it has totally transformed their smiles, and their self-confidence. It is incredible to see patients be able to express their emotions and smile care-free. After having Invisalign treatment, patients show a complete change in their demeanour and overall self-confidence.


Dr Chaw-Su Kyi is a leading orthodontist who is an expert in dental treatments such as Invisalign. If you are considering Invisalign, contact her to book a consultation via her Top Doctors profile today.

By Dr Chaw-Su Kyi

Dr Chaw-Su Kyi is a London Specialist Orthodontist who specialises only in orthodontic brace treatments. Dr Kyi has considerable experience in all brace and teeth straightening options from working in multiple world class London hospitals. She won an impressive quadruple distinction at Guy’s, King’s and St.Thomas’s Medical School, and received a prestigious distinction in her Orthodontics Masters degree. Following this, she has continued to deliver exceptional care and excellence to all her patients. She runs her own private clinic, West London Orthodontist.

As a means to deliver exceptional quality care, Dr Kyi set up her own practice where she could also develop innovative techniques that match the unique necessities of each of her patients. One of these technologies is the iTero scanner, which provides both 2D colour images and 3D laser scanning of teeth without any discomfort in only one minute. All structures of the tooth and mouth cavity are imaged, allowing Dr Kyi to give a full clinical evaluation of gingivitis, tooth structure, provide a dental impression, and more. Dr Kyi uses this technology beyond the initial scan, as it is also used to follow the progress of the patient over years.
By concentrating only on orthodontics, Dr Kyi has been able to set herself apart from general dentists who typically perform many other procedures. A unique treatment is the "Incognito" braces (lingual braces), which of whom Dr Kyi is one of only a few orthodontists in London who offer this. She has been offering this service for more than 10 years, invariably giving her an in-depth understanding of how the technology works and how it is best suited for her patients. Dr Kyi is a Platinum User of the Incognito braces, as well as a Platinum Provider for Invisalign; meaning she has not only treated a significant number of patients with these technologies, but she has also received extensive training. In addition to her knowledge and expertise in orthodontic technology, Dr Kyi is a championing advocate for intervention in children to determine long-term solutions rather than difficult treatments later in life. This type of care for her patients is one of the many reasons she has received multiple awards.

Dr Kyi was most recently recognised as the Best Specialist Orthodontist of the Year in London 2020, awarded by The Oral Health and Dentistry Awards. This organisation recognises progress, effort, and enterprise amongst those in her field within the UK. Dr Kyi provides unbiased treatment, takes on patients who have been declined at other clinics, and continuously develops the best technologies for the best treatments.

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