How long does composite bonding last?

Written by: Dr Shravan Chawla
Edited by: Conor Lynch

In this article here, accomplished aesthetic, restorative, and biomimetic dentist, Dr Shravan Chawla, details what composite bonding is and reveals how long it lasts on one’s teeth.  

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is a procedure where we use tooth-coloured material to modify and enhance both the shape and colour of your existing teeth. It is also used to rebuild broken or fractured teeth to restore a more natural look. Decay in between your front teeth can also be cleaned and made to appear natural with the help of composite bonding. 


What is involved in the process?

Firstly, we confirm the shade of your teeth with photographs and a shade guide. After this, we then select a recipe of customised shades to match your existing tooth and add this material onto your existing teeth to enhance the shape, shade, and the overall appearance. This is then polished to appear more aesthetic.


How long does composite bonding last?

Evidence suggests that the lifespan of composite bonding is between five to seven years. However, composite bonding is quite prone to staining and colour change over time. Therefore, your diet, lifestyle, and food habits play a key role in determining the lifespan of composite bonding. Composite bonding is also prone to wear and chipping, which can be repaired easily. 


What are the disadvantages of composite bonding?

Composite bonding will stain over time and lose its shine due to abrasive tooth brushing, acidic diet, tea, coffee, and wine, so will require regular polishing.


How should people take care of teeth that have undergone the composite bonding procedure?

Patients should use a low abrasive toothpaste and a soft brush. They should also avoid excessive staining foods and drinks such as tea, coffee, and red wine. 


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By Dr Shravan Chawla

Dr Shravan Chawla is a leading aesthetic, biomimetic and restorative dentist based in Marylebone, London, who specialises in cosmetic smile makeovers, full mouth rehabilitation and bonded restorative dentistry alongside cosmetic dentistry, composite bonding and veneers. He privately practices at the esteemed Wimpole Street Dental Clinic

Dr Chawla has over 15 years of international clinical experience and he is established as an all-rounder within his specialist fields. He is highly qualified, with a BDS from SSR Medical College in Mauritius and is fully licensed to practise in India and the UK.

Dr Chawla takes a holistic approach when treating his patients, truly focusing on individual needs, and his attention detail to detail is second to none. He takes pride in creating awareness and promoting ethical and minimally-invasive procedures for his patients.

His approach reflects his passion for dental photography, where he provides the opportunity to showcase complex treatments in a simplified manner. He visually introduces and guides patients through the different stages of a smile makeover and the options available. Furthermore, Dr Chawla utilises his expertise in Digital Smile Simulation and Smile Design software to provide a personalised visual before treatment. This empowers patients to make an informed decision when considering their treatment with him. 

Dr Chawla remains at the forefront of research, techniques and protocols, regularly attending events as part of his commitment to continuous professional development. He strives to provide a painless, hassle-free and comfortable experience, and works closely with master ceramists where the world of art and dentistry combine for world-class results. 

His research has been published online and Bay Dental Institute, which he is the founding director of, was named as one of the 10 best dental institutes in India. He is also the member of various professional organisations including Indian Dental Association (IDA), the Indian Association of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry (IAACD) and Restorative and Implant Practice Excellence (RIPE), as well as EDU Hub's Study Club at New York University (NYU) and Impart Training and Study Club at IMPART EDU, NYU.  

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