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Will lingual braces affect my speech?

The tongue is an amazing organ. It is essential in providing the sense of taste, allowing us to eat, drink, and swallow, and enabling us to speak. Highly flexible, sensitive, and adaptable, the tongue performs the most complex and specialised motor activity that the human body can do. Because lingual braces take up space on the back of the teeth, there is potential for them to have an impact on the normal movement of the tongue. Leading orthodontist Dr Asif Chatoo explains:

Dental veneers – are they the right choice for me?

Ever wondered how celebrities get those dazzling, bright smiles? Many of them have dental veneers to improve the appearance of their own teeth. Veneers are manufactured caps placed over the front of your own teeth. Dr David Bloom, a leading restorative and cosmetic dentist, explains the different types of veneers available, and other measures used in restorative dentistry.

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