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Can you be too old for the orthodontist?

For most people, braces were something you wore in your childhood or during your awkward teenage years. However, now there are more and more people in their adult years seeking help from the orthodontist for misaligned teeth – either from birth or from previous problems such as gum disease. So is there an upper age limit to treatment – and what is orthodontic treatment like as an adult? We interviewed specialist London-based orthodontist Dr Chaw-Su Kyi to find out.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Did you know that around 48% of people say that a smile is the most memorable feature when you first meet someone? However, ageing, accidents and discolouration can all be factors that can rob you of that perfect smile. That is where cosmetic dentistry comes in. But what is cosmetic dentistry? And how can it help you? We talked to expert Dr Adam Thorne, who provided the answers.

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