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The Bioclear Method: is it right for you?

Over the years, our teeth are exposed to wear and tear and discolouration, and while there are many treatments around that can help you improve your smile, Bioclear is one of the few that will give you long-lasting results without damaging or removing your natural teeth. Dr Olurotimi Adesanya, a leading dentist based in Kent, explains all the advantages and disadvantages of Bioclear and whether this treatment is a good fit for you.

How to treat severe periodontitis

Did you know that approximately 18 million brits have some form of periodontitis? Roughly 12% of them have a case where it is severe. It can cause swollen gums but not only this, it can also damage tissue and lead to a loss of teeth. A leading dentist based in London, Dr Ruben Garcia, spoke with us about periodontal treatment and what it entails, in this article he also covers guided tissue regeneration.

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