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Transparent teeth aligners: how does Smilelign® work?

Smilelign® technology uses a series of tailor-made transparent removable aligners to straighten teeth. We sat and talked to one of our leading dentists Dr Olurotimi Adesanya who carries out this revolutionary dental procedure at his clinic in Kent. He explains to us how Smilelign is used to realign teeth, what the treatment involves and how the results are maintained.

Dental implants and guided surgery

Dental implant surgery can be performed freehand or it can be guided with technology. With the aid of technology, a dentist can place the implant in a more precise and efficient manner, which ultimately provides benefits for the patient. Dr Olurotimi Adesanya, a highly experienced dentist, answers common questions about this procedure, including how guided surgery differs from traditional free-hand surgery and its success rate.

Dental implant training kicks off at The University of Portsmouth Dental Academy

Dr Peter Sanders, one of the UK’s leading implantologists, is collaborating with the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy to launch dental implant courses specifically designed for dentists and dental care professionals. Read on to find out what this will mean for the quality of professional implant dentistry available to patients around the country.

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