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Dental veneers – are they the right choice for me?

Ever wondered how celebrities get those dazzling, bright smiles? Many of them have dental veneers to improve the appearance of their own teeth. Veneers are manufactured caps placed over the front of your own teeth. Dr David Bloom, a leading restorative and cosmetic dentist, explains the different types of veneers available, and other measures used in restorative dentistry.

Top 5 reasons why adults need braces

Braces were once thought of as a treatment for older children and teenagers – best to have while their jaws are still developing before the teeth settle in adulthood, right? Well, not necessarily. Modern orthodontics recognises that, in fact, the teeth can continue to move at any age, and adults with misaligned teeth may very well benefit from braces too. Esteemed dentist Moira Wong explains:

How do Invisalign braces work?

Invisalign is an orthodontic system that uses aligners to straighten the teeth. Traditional orthodontic treatments use braces and wires, but invisalign uses removable aligners that are more discreet and make cleaning the teeth a lot more manageable. Dr Mark Hughes , a leading cosmetic dentist in the U.K tells us how invisalign braces work and if they can fix an overbite.

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