How long does it take for scars to heal after plastic surgery?

Written by: Ms Anna De Leo
Edited by: Conor Lynch

Here, highly regarded plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery consultant, Ms Anna De Leo, walks us through plastic surgery related scars, telling us how long it typically takes for scars to fully heal after undergoing plastic surgery.

How long does it take for scars to heal after plastic surgery?

Scars typically heal between two to three weeks after plastic surgery. A complete recovery from plastic surgery (to become used to the change and the results etc.) can take up to a year.


Are there specific post-operative care steps to reduce scarring?

Breathing exercises, good hygiene, and sufficient rest can all really improve one’s chances of reducing scarring. Every patient is different though, so each patient receives specific personalised care after surgery.


Can laser treatments help improve the appearance of scars?

Laser treatment can certainly help with the improvement of scars. We work a lot to reduce scarring in the first place, so normally, laser treatment is not required.


What role does genetics play in scar formation after plastic surgery?

Both genetics and skin quality are important when it comes to the formation of scars following plastic surgery. Having said though, we can improve the skin quality of the patient undergoing surgery before the operation takes place, so this will reduce scar formation.


Are there any natural remedies for scar reduction?

There are many treatments that patients can use at home to prevent problems, which will be provided to them after surgery, but we don’t normally suggest natural remedies, as these don’t always work for every patient.


How do different types of sutures affect scarring outcomes?

The thicker the suture, the worse the scar. At our clinic, we use tiny, thin sutures to reduce the inflammation of the scars. This is why we achieve such fast recovery rates for the patients we treat.


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By Ms Anna De Leo
Plastic surgery

Ms Anna De Leo is a highly esteemed plastic reconstructive aesthetic consultant surgeon, based at The London Welbeck Hospital, London. The specialist surgeon is a particular expert in microsurgical procedures and reconstructive treatments such as breast cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, breast augmentation, mummy makeover, abdominal surgeriesface lift, neck lift, as well as liposuction. Ms De Leo, who currently works privately, conducts reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery whilst also mentoring junior surgeons. 

From cosmetic to reconstructive surgery, Ms De Leo has, thus far, obtained a vast amount of experience in performing highly delicate surgical procedures. She is dedicated to improving, correcting and refunctionalising various body parts. The renowned plastic surgeon consultant has built up her extensive medical experience at highly prestigious hospitals across the globe, including the Chelsea and Westminister Hospital, the Royal Free Hospital London, as well as the Helsinki University Hospital in Finland. 

Impressively, Ms De Leo has previously been nominated in the Worldwide Association Of Female Professionals, is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and is the current lead of the European Hand Injuries Prevention campaigns with the British Society for Surgery of the Hand

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