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Do I want a breast augmentation or a breast uplift? A specialist surgeon explains the differences

Breast augmentation continues to be the most commonly requested cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK. Breast uplift is another popular option especially after childbirth, so which one is best for me? Here to explain the main differences between a breast augmentation and a breast uplift, is esteemed plastic reconstructive aesthetic consultant surgeon, Ms Anna De Leo.

Abdominoplasty: what the procedure involves and what patients can expect after undergoing it

An abdominoplasty procedure (also referred to as a tummy tuck procedure), is a abdominal surgical intervention that patients commonly seek when they want to tighten or flatten the abdomen. On hand to provide more of a detailed insight into what a typical abdominoplasty procedure involves is highly esteemed plastic reconstructive and aesthetic consultant surgeon, Ms Anna De Leo.

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