PRGF treatment for dental procedures

Written by: Dr Peter Sanders
Edited by: Robert Smith

Dr Peter Sanders is a dentist that has always given great consideration to the comfort and care of his patients. Over the years, Dr Sanders has incorporated new progressive technologies, once efficacy and safety are proven, to ensure he is always able to offer the very highest level of comfort and in many cases, this transforms the patient experience.


One of the areas that Dr Sanders has applied great attention to, is the healing period after implant treatment. In 2014, Dr Sanders introduced Platelets Rich in Growth Factor, also known as PRGF treatment, a revolutionary technology that vastly improves the healing process of implant placement and oral surgery. We spoke with him recently to discuss PRGF treatment and what to expect from it.

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What is PRGF treatment?

PRGF is a healing technique that uses plasma concentrated from a small amount of the patient's blood. A small sample of blood is spun in a centrifugal device that allows the proteins - which naturally aid healing - to be isolated. These proteins can be used in various therapies including a membrane, which is then placed over the implant area to enhance and stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Studies have shown that a much faster healing period is achieved in comparison to non-PRGF cases.


How can PRGF help patients recover from implant treatment?

PRGF has proven to not only reduce swelling but also reduce discomfort and accelerate healing whilst facilitating tissue regeneration. This has generally made the implant treatment an even more comfortable and smooth process for Dr Sanders’ patients.


Is PRGF used to accelerate healing after implant treatment safe?

The technique is a safe, natural and efficient procedure since the body is using its own resources to naturally generate tissue growth. PRGF is a standard part of the process of implant treatment at Dental Confidence.


We have been using PRGF treatment to accelerate healing at Dental Confidence for many years now. It is safe, effective and 100% biocompatible as it is developed from the patient’s own body. It is definitely of great benefit to our patients and has greatly contributed to improving the high standard of comfort and care that we always strive to achieve.


What is the general feedback given by your patients who have had PRGF?

Recently, one of our patients summarised the quality of our services here at Dental Confidence perfectly:


The technology used at Dental Confidence is designed to make the whole process of the treatment even better. For example, they use ‘PRGF treatment’, which is a way of using my blood sample to help healing and reduce swelling. The practice is very much at the forefront of technology.”

If you would like to ensure the healing process of your dental procedure is as quick as possible, we recommend discussing PRGF treatment with a specialist such as Dr Peter Sanders today. You can do so by visiting his Top Doctors profile here.

Dr Peter Sanders

By Dr Peter Sanders

Dr Peter Sanders is a highly respected and influential dentist with a well-earned reputation as one of the UK’s leading implantologists.

Dr Sanders has been a practicing dentist since 1981 and began his implant training in 1997, where he studied at the Eastman Dental Institute in London. In 2005 He became the first dentist in the region to achieve the Royal College of Surgeons Implant Diploma. Over the following years he progressed to be Programme Director and Examiner for that course. He is currently President of the Implant Diploma Alumni and is the Past President of the British Society for Advanced Dentistry.

In 2009 Dr Sanders gained an MSc in Implantology and in 2011 was awarded the Fellowship of the Faculty of General Dental Practice. Dr Sanders is a fellow of the International College of Dentists and is currently Chief Examiner on the European Master of Science in Implant Dentistry at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

Having pioneered the intraoral welding method in the UK, Dr Sanders is the British Ambassador for the ground-breaking implant technique, having been the first dentist in the UK to practice the implant loading method which is based on a resistance spot welding principle. He now trains and mentors those wishing to practise the new improved restorative protocol. In 2018 he was also appointed as a global instructor for Zimmer Biomet. Dr Sanders also regularly presents at various key professional events on an international level.

As Clinical Lead at Dental Confidence Ltd in Southampton, he exclusively practices implant dentistry. Dr Sanders has also developed a comprehensive, hands-on implant mentoring programme - designed to help nurture the development of practicing dentists, improving their knowledge, confidence and competence in implant dentistry. His mentoring uniquely aims to involve the whole dental team to allow participating dentists to include dental implantology in their scope of practice.

Aside from his clinical experience, Dr Sanders was the first dentist, worldwide, to have his practice achieve the quality management standard ISO9000.

Peter is a busy father of four with six grandchildren, with hobbies including skiing, cycling and motorcycling, singing and classical guitar.

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