What is well-woman screening?

Written by: Dr Sera Shoukru
Edited by: Sophie Kennedy

In this article, revered general practitioner and accredited medical aesthetics practitioner Dr Sera Shoukru shares her expert insight on the benefits of well-woman screening. The leading specialist also details what patients can expect from a well-woman consultation and which tests may be involved in the screening process in this informative guide.



What is the purpose of well-woman screening?


Well-woman screening aims to address the needs of each individual patient and is an opportunistic way of screening for and monitoring gender and age specific health issues and risks. Well-woman screening also provides women with reassurance and gives them an opportunity to discuss any areas of concern.


Well-woman screening can entail a female-centred 360 degree health check which ranges from managing general health to contraceptive advice and implementation or sexual health as necessary. Additionally, imperative screening such as breast checks and smear tests may be conducted. Changes in hormones or pre-pregnancy advice as well as pregnancy and postnatal care may also be included in a well-woman screening. Mental wellbeing, as well as physical screening, can be involved in well-woman screening.



Which tests are included in well-woman screening?


A number of common tests may be included in a well-woman screening, including general blood tests. Additionally, a number of female specific forms of screening may be involved, such as:

  • Hormone-level testing
  • HPV testing
  • Smear tests
  • Breast check and screening


According to the individual patient’s age, some decade-specific risks may be assessed so that appropriate management can be introduced if necessary. This may relate to cardiovascular health, bowel screening or skin checks, as well as aesthetics or longevity.



At what age or life stage can well-woman screening be beneficial?


Well-woman screening is valid for all ages and can be beneficial for women at any life stage.



What can women expect on the day of their screening?


Typically, we conduct a consultation prior to beginning any medical tests or screening to set the scene and the objectives of the appointment. However, screening can, of course, occur at a routine consultation. This is always discussed thoroughly with the patient and we ask for consent before proceeding.


Additional to the consultation, we may take a history of any symptoms and conduct examinations, screenings or tests. When the results are available, we conduct a follow-up appointment to inform the patient of any findings and make any next steps if necessary.





If you think you could benefit from well-woman screening and wish to schedule a consultation with Dr Shoukru, you can do so by visiting her Top Doctors profile.

By Dr Sera Shoukru
GP (general practitioner)

Dr Sera Shoukru is a highly respected General Practitioner and accredited medical aesthetics practitioner based in central London at the revered Pixie and Sera clinic. She specialises in opportunistic health check-ups and screening, with advanced interests in men's healthwomen’s health, family planning, menopause care as well as sexual health screening and management. She has a keen interest in sports and exercise medicinemusculoskeletal pain and nutrition.

Dr Shoukru qualified in medicine in 2004 from the University of London and Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Medical School before completing a number of diplomas in areas such as obstetrics and gynaecology, family planning and sexual health and child health. Additionally, she has also been awarded a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, a postgraduate certificate in medical ethics and law and a master’s in sports and exercise medicine from Queen Mary University of London. Following several years work in the NHS, Dr Shoukru has been in private general practice since 2009. She is co-practice partner of the highly esteemed Pixie and Sera clinic, which was established in 2016. 

Dr Shoukru is actively involved in training and appraising fellow general practitioners, ensuring excellent quality of patient care. She has also been appointed as a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

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