Hand veins

Hand with bulging veins

What are hand veins?

As the skin ages and loses elasticity and fat, hand veins can become more prominent and bulge out of the skin. However, hand veins can affect younger adults too. Hand veins are quite normal and don’t pose a medical problem – for many, treatment is sought out purely for cosmetic reasons. Generally, men have more prominent veins in their hands than women but are less likely to seek treatment. Bulging hand veins are unlike varicose veins, which are found in the legs.


It’s very rare for hand veins to be a sign of a serious condition.

What are the causes of hand veins?

Visible or prominent veins in the hands are usually due to age, but other factors such as exercise or hot weather can influence their appearance. People who are very fit are more prone to bulging hand veins due to a lower percentage of body fat.

Can hand veins be prevented?

Given that ageing can’t be prevented, hand veins will become more prominent eventually, but the prominence of the hand veins can be influenced by the amount of body fat on an individual.

Treatments for hand veins

You’ll need to discuss treatment options with your medical specialist to discover what works best for your individual case. You may be offered one procedure or a combination of procedures. These are:

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Micro-phlebectomy
  • Endothermal laser ablation

Which type of specialist treats hand veins?

Vascular surgeons can treat hand veins.

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