Paediatric sports medicine

What is it?

Paediatric sports medicine aims to prevent and treat sport related injuries and pain. Injuries affecting children are not necessarily the same as those affecting an adult, and the reaction in the body may be different due to the stage of bone growth, which is why it’s important to understand the musculoskeletal structure in children and the influence exercise has on their physical and psychological maturity. Both orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists may have expertise in paediatric sports medicine, or choose to specialise in it. Paediatric cardiologists may also be involved in the treatment and prevention of cardiac conditions which affect children. 

What conditions does a paediatric sports specialist treat?

A paediatric sports medicine specialist or a physician specialising in the field can diagnose, treat, and prevent paediatric injuries.

They may also treat or administer:

  • Growth factor treatments, infiltrations, and paediatric physiotherapy
  • Diagnostic tests and medical check-ups including: stress tests and a walking analysis.
  • Sudden paediatric death
  • Sports traumatology 
  • Chondromalacia.     

When should I see a specialist?    

A sports medicine specialist is the best person to see if children experience discomfort or injury while exercising. It is also important to see a specialist if planning on taking up a regular sport in order to prevent any potential issues and avoid physical overexertion. Some heart diseases, such as sudden death, can be avoided by having medical check-ups.    

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