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Mr Sebastian Dawson-Bowling

Orthopaedic surgeon

Hip replacement , Knee replacement, Stem cells , Knee arthroscopy , Hip arthroscopy , Joint preservation surgery


Dr Adam J. de Belder

Cardiologist (4)

Interventional cardiology, Rotational atherectomy, TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve implantation), Chest pain , Palpitations , Shortness of breath


Dr Richard Bowskill

Psychiatrist (23)

Depression , Anxiety , Bipolar disorder , Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), ADHD, Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)


Mr Thomas Crompton

Paediatric orthopaedic surgeon (8)

Cerebral palsy, Neuromuscular disease, Limb lengthening, Pediatric hip, Flat feet , Hip dysplasia


Mr Adam Ajis

Orthopaedic surgeon (28)

Arthritis, Minimally invasive bunion surgery , Sports injuries, Ankle arthroscopy , Ankle replacement surgery, Bunion (hallux valgus)


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Mr Edward Dawe

Orthopaedic surgeon (19)

Foot and ankle, Plantar fasciitis , Bunion (hallux valgus) , Achilles tendon , Ankle replacement surgery, Minimally invasive techniques


Dr John Tanner

Sports and musculoskeletal medicine (8)

Back pain , Chronic pain , Injuries diagnosis, Musculoskeletal pain, Sports injuries, Platelet-rich plasma


Mr Timothy Mellor

Maxillofacial/facial plastics

Blepharoplasty , Brow lift, Rhinoplasty (nose job), Skin cancer on face, Facelift , Facial plastic surgery


Mr Billy Jowett

Orthopaedic surgeon (3)

Bunion (hallux valgus) , Arthritis, Ankle , Flat feet , Achilles tendon , Ankle arthroscopy


Mr Glyn Evans

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Partial knee replacement, Knee replacement, ACL reconstruction, Arthrofibrosis , Knee arthroscopy , Patellofemoral disorders


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