Dr Beverly Tsai-Goodman

Paediatric cardiologist in London


Dr Beverly Tsai-Goodman areas of expertise:

Professional statement

Dr Beverly Tsai-Goodman is a highly-achieved consultant paediatric and fetal cardiologist practising in London. She specialises in fetal cardiology and detecting abnormalities as early as 15 to 16 weeks gestation, in addition to managing newborn infants and children with congenital heart defects. Other focuses of Dr Tsai-Goodman's include diagnosing conditions such as heart murmurs, palpitations, and chest pain in children and young adults. She works with obstetric ultrasonographers and obstetricians to improve and ensure that congenital heart disease is recognised early. Currently, Dr Tsai-Goodman practises at Ultrasound Diagnostic Servies with other private practices and Royal Brompton Hospital NHS.

After receiving her medical qualification in 1990, Dr Tsai-Goodman undertook majority of her paediatric cardiology training in Bristol. She subsequently completed 15 months at Boston's Children Hospital and Harvard Medical School in the USA, one of the leading children's hospitals for paediatric and fetal cardiology in the world. During this period, Dr Tsai-Goodman trained in cardiac MRI, echocardiography, and fetal cardiology. Impressively, she was later awarded the Madeleine Steel Fellowship at the Toronto Sick Children's Hospital in 2013, where she joined the Cardiac MRI team to research fetal cardiac MRI.

Furthering her education and commitment to fetal cardiology, Dr Tsai-Goodman received her MSc degree in Genomics Medicine from Imperial College in 2019. Her aim is to combine the latest research in human genomics and her clinical expertise regarding paediatric and fetal cardiology. Dr Tsai-Goodman continues to have an interest in research, focusing on Barth Syndrome and using MRI to assess fetal circulation to develop a non-invasive tool to track cardiac output in newborns. Due to her experience and expertise, she has been the lead researcher on a variety of the research projects. She has had multiple research papers published in peer-reviewed journals over the year.

Dr Tsai-Goodman is also an achieved medical educator. Each year, she convenes a two-day course called 'Echocardiography for Neonatologists', where delegates from the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and all across Europe attend. She has also delivered this course in St Kitts, with plans to expand to Pakistan and other parts of the Middle East. Other medical education commitments of Dr Tsai-Goodman's include practical training, lectures, and live scans at local and national levels.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

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