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Dr Santanu Maity is a leading general paediatrician based in London who currently sees patients at the Royal Free Hospital. Dr Maity specialises in acute paediatrics, food allergies, asthma, rhinitis, eczema and urticaria. He has been working at the Royal Free Hospital since 2007 and sees over 100 children a month.

Dr Maity supervises the Children’s Ward at the NHS, he carries out ambulatory & ward reviews, and his primary responsibilities are to create the medium to long term care plans for inpatients and ambulatory patients. He assesses all cases on the ward referred by social services for child protection concerns. He works for out-patients at specialist clinics in paediatric allergy in a multidisciplinary setting, with dieticians and specialist nurses. Dr Maity oversees food challenges and helps patients start immunotherapy.

Dr Maity is also the long day and night consultant in accident & emergency and has the primary responsibility for assessment and initial management of children presenting to acute service in A&E. Dr Maity developed an interest in paediatric allergy after his specialist registrar training. He is the lead for this service at the Royal Free Hospital. This development has been via training in clinics with an honorary consultant within a tertiary allergy centre at the Evelina Children’s Hospital. Dr Maity completed a post-graduate diploma in allergy. In 2008, Dr Maity and his department set up a new paediatric allergy service which now has been approved as a tertiary centre.

Dr Maity graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Manchester University in 1990. He has contributed to numerous medical journals with research and quality improvement work in paediatrics and allergy.

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