Orthopaedic surgeons in London

Mr Manoj Sood

Orthopaedic surgery hip, knee and sports (3)

Hip replacement , Knee replacement, Anterior cruciate ligament , Sports injuries, Knee cartilage replacement, Tendon injuries


Mr Rohit Madhav

Orthopaedic surgeon (4)

Sports traumatology , Minimally invasive bunion surgery , Ankle arthroscopy , Tendon injuries , Foot fracture , Bunion (hallux valgus)


Mr Andrew Davies

Orthopaedic surgeon

Sports injuries, Knee, Knee replacement, Ligamentoplasty, Knee arthroscopy , Anterior cruciate ligament


Mr Mark Phillips

Orthopaedic surgeon (6)

Hand fracture, Wrist fracture, Tendinopathy, Carpal tunnel surgery , Osteoarthritis, Dupuytren’s contracture


Mr David Redfern

Orthopaedic surgeon (12)

Sports injuries, Ankle replacement, Minimally invasive bunion surgery , Arthritis, Ankle arthroscopy , Bunion (hallux valgus)


Mr Mo Akmal

Orthopaedic surgeon (10)

Back pain , Kyphoplasty, Minimally invasive spinal surgery , Spinal stenosis,


Mr Colin Nnadi

Spinal surgery (2)

Trapped nerve, Spinal stenosis, Spine fracture, Spinal surgery, Back pain , Scoliosis


Mr Addie Majed

Orthopaedic surgeon

Shoulder arthroscopy , Rotator cuff surgery, Shoulder dislocation , Shoulder replacement, Elbow arthroscopy , Elbow replacement


Mr Paul Hamilton

Orthopaedic surgeon (3)

Bunion (hallux valgus) , Achilles tendon , Arthritis, Ankle arthroscopy , Morton's neuroma , Plantar fasciitis


Mr Alexander Montgomery

Orthopaedic surgeon (1)

Spinal osteoarthritis , Spinal fusion, Back injuries , Back pain , Herniated disc percutaneous surgery , Minimally invasive spinal surgery


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