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Endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism

Andropause, often referred to as male menopause, is a condition associated with a decline in testosterone levels in aging men. Unlike menopause in women, which occurs relatively quickly when the ovaries stop producing hormones, andropause is a more gradual process that can extend over many years. In her latest online article, Dr Shemitha Rafique gives us her insights.

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In the realm of medical terminology, perianal sepsis and anal sepsis are often interchangeable terms, both referring to an infectious condition located in the vicinity of the anus. This condition, while relatively common, can lead to significant discomfort and complications if left untreated. In his latest online article, Mr Petr J Hanek delves deeper into what perianal sepsis entails, including its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, potential complications, and treatment options.



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