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Oncoplastic breast surgeon

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB) is a critical diagnostic procedure that plays a pivotal role in the assessment and management of various cancers. In her latest online article, Professor Amtul Razzaq Carmichael explains the operation of SLNB, delving into its purpose, procedure, benefits, risks, and the individuals who may benefit from this medical intervention.

Oncoplastic breast surgeon

In the realm of proactive health decisions, preventive mastectomy has emerged as a powerful tool for individuals at high risk of breast cancer. In her latest online article, Professor Amtul Razzaq Carmichael delves into the various aspects of preventive mastectomy, exploring what is risk reducing mastectomy, who is likely to benefit from this operation, surgical and reconstruction options, recovery process and its, risks and benefits. Bilateral risk reducing mastectomy is an empowering choice for women, but we must not underestimate its emotional and psychological impact.



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