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Mouth cancer surgery: what to expect

Mouth cancer is a complicated form of surgery which involves a highly visible part of your body. Yet with the help of modern scanning technology and advances in surgical planning, we are now able to remove tumours and reconstruct the face in the same operation. We asked leading maxillofacial and oral surgeon Mr Bhavin G Visavadia what to expect from mouth cancer surgery.

What is interceptive orthodontics?

Around one-third of UK children have teeth which would benefit from orthodontic treatment. The majority who need orthodontics will start treatment around the age of 11 or 12. Interceptive orthodontics will benefit some children from an earlier age to avoid dental complications in the future. Orthodontist Dr Asif Chatoo tells us more about interceptive orthodontics and what children it can help.

What is a genioplasty?

The chin represents one of our most prominent facial features and numerous methods have been used to alter its shape for aesthetic reasons or the chin position may need to be corrected if it is out of balance in relation to the jaw. A genioplasty is surgery done to change the position of the chin and can be performed by both plastic and maxillofacial surgeons. Maxillofacial surgeon Miss Katherine George runs us through what happens during a genioplasty and long it would take to recover.

Regenerating the jaw with stem cells

It sounds like a plot from a sci-fi movie, but it's happening today in one of the top clinics in London. In a joint effort with The Regenerative Clinic, leading oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr Luke Cascarini is pioneering stem cell therapy for TMJ disorders - one of the leading causes of jaw pain. We asked him how the treatment works and what his predictions are for the future.

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