Digital orthodontics: innovative technology with dental techniques

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Published: | Updated: 20/02/2020
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Technological advances in biomedicine are constant. Odontostomology is no different where any technology applied in medicine is likely to be applied in odontology also. into diagnostic technology, planning technology, treatment technology and restorative technology.


Diagnostic technology


  • Dental Cone Beam CT (CBCT): a scan which uses very small doses of radiation to provide an extremely precise 3D image of the teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bones. 
  • Luminescence for detecting cavities allows non-invasive detection of incipient cavities that are not detectable through clinical exploration. 
  • Computerised periodontogram allows diagnosis and viewing the development of periodontal illness.


Planning technologies


  • Guided surgery in dental implantology allows non-invasive surgery with immediate aesthetic and functional results.
  • Digital smile design (DSD) offers a complete aesthetic prediction for a perfect treatment plan.
  • Digital impressions: create models of the teeth and mouth without pastes, and with extremely precise results. 


Treatment technologies


  • Laser and phototherapy are the most advanced technologies, and also the most precise and least invasive for surgical therapy of cavities, mouth infections and general dental and oral pathologies. 
  • Piezosurgery: is the most developed and least invasive bone surgery technique, applicable in all oral and maxillofacial surgical interventions.
  • Orthodontic corticotomy is a revolutionary innovation in orthodontics that allows a non-aggressive movement of teeth and fast and effective orthodontic treatment. 


Restorative techniques


  • Dental prosthesis CAD-CAM: this is the best alternative both aesthetically and functionally for any type of dental prosthesis. 
  • Lithium disilicate ceramics: is the most aesthetic substance with the best functionality and best biological adaptation, indicated in all types of reconstruction.
  • Bone and epithelial grafting associated with implants are based in Plasma Rich Growth Factor (PRGF) technology, which offers non-aggressive regeneration of lost tissues.

Actually, high-tech solutions in dentistry are not used on an isolated basis, but rather as part of a philosophy that elevates the excellence in all orthodontic treatments. 


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