Immediate implant loading: An expert's guide

Written by: Dr Khosro Basirat
Edited by: Conor Dunworth

In his latest online article, renowned, London-based dentist Dr Khosro Basirat explains immediate implant loading, a routine dental implant procedure.


What is immediate implant placement, and immediate implant loading?

Over the past couple of decades, the treatment methodology of dental implants has evolved significantly. Rewinding to the late '70s, marks the inception of dentists prescribing immediate implant placement. This entails the extraction of a tooth that cannot be salvaged due to reasons such as fracture, decay, or failure. Previously, a waiting period was customary for healing before implant placement. However, contemporary implant loading practice allows for simultaneous tooth extraction and implant placement. Naturally, some preparatory steps like bone grafting may be necessary to ready the site.

Consequently, if a patient presents with a fractured front tooth, the root can be removed, an implant placed, and a temporary restoration fitted on the same day, allowing the patient to leave with a functional smile.


Who is a good candidate for immediate implant loading?

Essentially, anyone requiring tooth replacement is a potential candidate. The ability to restore teeth on the same day is immensely gratifying. Whether it's replacing a single tooth or an entire set due to issues like gum disease, immediate implant loading offers a transformative solution. The suitability of this approach hinges on meeting the necessary conditions.


What are the benefits of immediate implant loading?

The primary benefit lies in mitigating bone loss and preserving the foundational structure. By promptly replacing the extracted tooth, the extent of bone loss can be minimised, albeit some degree of loss is inevitable. This proactive approach fosters a healthier environment for the preservation of bone around the implant. Delaying the process could lead to substantial bone loss, potentially compromising future treatment options. Hence, immediate intervention not only maintains bone integrity but also ensures a robust foundation for subsequent procedures.


What are the risks of immediate implant loading?

In any medical procedure, inherent risks exist, albeit they are relatively low in this case. Adhering to established protocols and meticulous planning significantly mitigates these risks. Immediate implant loading is a routine procedure with a track record of highly successful outcomes.

Regular check-ups and assessments facilitate early detection and correction of any anomalies, further minimising risks. While complications may arise, they can usually be addressed promptly and effectively if managed within a local healthcare setting.


What is the success rate of immediate implant loading?

The success rate typically ranges between 97% to 98%. Even in instances of minor complications, timely intervention ensures swift resolution. It's advisable to undergo treatments locally to facilitate regular monitoring and address any issues promptly. Over the long term, research indicates that a significant proportion of implants remain viable for 10 to 15 years, though instances of implants lasting 30 to 40 years are not uncommon. Diligent care, regular check-ups, and prompt management of minor issues are pivotal in maximising the lifespan of implants.



Dr Khosro Basirat is a highly esteemed dentist based in Barnet, North London who specialises in advanced cosmetic, implant, and restorative dentistry. If you would like to book a consultation with Dr Basirat, you can do so today via his Top Doctors profile.

By Dr Khosro Basirat

Dr Khosro Basirat is a highly esteemed dentist based in Barnet, North London who specialises in advanced cosmetic, implant, and restorative dentistry. With a creative and solutions-based approach, Dr Basirat’s clinical expertise focuses on dental implants, composite veneers, dental crowns, and bone augmentation procedures, such as bone grafting, bone expansion, and open and closed sinus lifting.

Dr Basirat qualified in dentistry in 1994 from The Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, one of the foremost medical universities in the world. Following his initial appointments, Dr Basirat relocated to the UK, having acquired proficiency in complex dental systems and technologies. Dr Basirat later went on to accomplish extensive postgraduate training in Implantology, including state-of-the-art institution with the illustrious dental implant surgeon Professor Hilt Tatum in Harley Street.

Currently, Dr Basirat is the founder of the renowned Mona Lisa Smiles dental practice, where he also holds the position of principal dentist. As the name indicates, patients at Mona Lisa Smiles are welcomed with a comprehensive range of dentistry possibilities that are tailored to meet individual needs, all within an artistic environment.

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