“Of course men can improve their fertility!” Five lifestyle tips

Written by: Mr Jonathan Ramsay
Edited by: Top Doctors®

There is a growing body of evidence that lifestyle is very important to reproductive health for both men and women. For men, it's not just about what you weigh, but also about how you became overweight. Fertility is the canary in the coalmine of human biology. If there is an underlying health problem it is likely to have an effect on fertility. Thankfully, the quality of your sperm improves as your health does.


Five tips which can help you to improve your chances of fertility:

1) Lose weight

Losing weight increases testosterone levels, and some studies show that this alone can improve sperm production.

2) A Mediterranean-type diet

Ensuring an intake of vegetables with antioxidant properties, improves sperm quality.

3) Remember that sperm require lower temperatures to thrive

As you increase your exercise regimes to try to lose weight, remember that wearing lycra, and cycling, using a sauna or steam room, or exercising strenuously for longer than 30 mins at a time, could be counter-productive.

4) Don’t smoke or vape

Smoking, and probably even vaping, definitely affects sperm quality - we are now able to look more closely at the DNA in sperm, so that we are beginning to understand what damages sperm, and therefore how to improve sperm quality.

5) Avoid recreational drugs, steroids and some body-building supplements

As many of these suppress sperm production.

Many men may have had minor, non-specific, and seemingly irrelevant urethral or other infections, and often these asymptomatic and undetected conditions can be treated with consequent improvement in male fertility. Finally a message for all men worried about fertility… Never just accept that nothing can be done! See an expert urologist if have any more questions or are worried about your fertility.

Mr Jonathan Ramsay

By Mr Jonathan Ramsay

Mr Jonathan Ramsay is a consultant urologist and male fertility expert based at some of London's best hospitals. Spanning an extensive career, Mr Ramsay has treated patients for a range of fertility complaints using testing processes such as endocrine evaluation, as well as surgical procedures such as microsurgical sperm retrieval and vasectomy reversal. He is widely recognised in his field and has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals. He forms an integral part of a number of prestigious professional bodies such as the British Fertility Society.

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