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What is urethral stricture disease?

Urethral stricture disease is a narrowing of the urethra or water pipe that mostly affects men and usually occurs near the bladder end of the urethra, but can also affect the urethra within the penis or the tip (meatal stenosis). Normally urine is carried freely from the bladder when you want to pass urine. If there is a narrowing or stricture, this affects a man’s ability to urinate. Urologist Nikesh Thiruchelvam tells us what causes urethral stricture disease and what can be done to treat it.

How common is BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) and is it dangerous?

As we get older, our bodies don’t work as well as they used to. Many men may experience problems with urination, including having less control. This can be due to a condition of the prostate called BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia/hypertrophy). Experienced urologist Mr Tamer El-Husseiny is here to talk about how common this condition is and how new minimally invasive treatments can help.

Detecting prostate cancer: mpMRI scan

Prostate cancer is a big worry for many men as they get older, and when urinary symptoms start, it is best to get checked out by a doctor, even if just to be on the safe side. There are a number of different tests and scans to check for signs of prostate cancer. Multi-parametric MRI (mpMRI) scans are an advanced form of MRI scanning which produces more detailed images than standard MRIs. Leading urologist Professor Richard Hindley explains.

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