What are the different treatment options for hip arthritis?

Written by: Mr Amit Kotecha
Edited by: Conor Lynch

Top Doctors recently had the pleasure to catch up with distinguished consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Amit Kotecha. Here, in this article below, Mr Kotecha outlines the main symptoms and different types of hip arthritis.

What is hip arthritis?

Hip arthritis is progressive loss of smooth joint cartilage in the hip joint. It is a common condition that can be painful and worsen over time, affecting your mobility and quality of life.


Are there different types of hip arthritis? If so, what are they?

There are several types of hip arthritis, including osteoarthritis (age-related wear and tear), inflammatory arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis) and post-traumatic arthritis.


What are the main symptoms?

Symptoms of hip arthritis typically include pain in or near the hip joint, mostly in groin area stiffness, and limping whilst walking.


What causes the development of hip arthritis?

The most common cause is age-related wear and tear in the hip joint.


What are the different treatment options for hip arthritis?

While hip arthritis is usually a chronic condition, there are treatments to help ease the symptoms and reduce further damage. If your quality of life suffers, hip replacement surgery can provide long-term relief.


There are several other non-surgical treatment options for hip arthritis. Activity modifications may help reduce painful flare-ups, and avoid activities that aggravate hip arthritis, such as running or jumping will help. Lifestyle modifications, such as weight loss, can help reduce stress on the hip joint.


Furthermore, physical therapy exercises can help improve strength in the hip joint and reduce pain. Use of a walking stick in the opposite hand will help pain and walking. If the conservative management fails, a total hip replacement will help with pain.


I perform my hip replacements through a posterior approach, not disturbing the main muscles of the hip. I also use enhanced recovery protocol, which helps in early mobilisation after operation, resulting in no limping.


If you wish to book an appointment with Mr Amit Kotecha, head on over to his Top Doctors profile today to do just that.

By Mr Amit Kotecha
Orthopaedic surgery

Mr Amit Kotecha is a highly esteemed consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in hip and knee problems. He is a leading expert in hip and knee replacement surgery, robotic surgery, personalised joint replacement and revision hip replacement surgery. He is also highly experienced in partial knee replacement and the management of both knee pain and hip pain.
Mr Kotecha practices at the Spire Little Aston Hospital and the Spire Parkway Hospital. He uses modern operative techniques and enhanced recovery protocols to reduce pain, aid swift recovery and excellent outcomes for his patients. Aside from his role as a consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Kotecha regularly teaches on musculoskeletal courses for GPs and trainee surgeons.
Notably, Mr Kotecha has collected a vast number of different prizes throughout his medical career. He also regularly lectures at national and international meetings. He is keen on teaching. Mr Kotecha is an honorary associate clinical professor at the University of Birmingham and was an honorary senior clinical lecturer at the University of Leicester prior to this.

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