What exactly are ethnic rhinoplasties?

Written by: Dr Bashar Bizrah
Published: | Updated: 24/04/2023
Edited by: Conor Lynch

Top Doctors recently spoke to Dr Bashar Bizrah, a leading London-based ENT specialist, to quiz him in relation to what exactly ethnic rhinoplasties are and what is typically involved in the nose-adjusting procedure.



What exactly are ethnic rhinoplasties?


An ethnic rhinoplasty aims to modify the nasal ethnicity of preferably a non-Caucasian individual who usually has settled in western countries to adapt their nasal structure to blend better with their surroundings.


African, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Korean, Chinese, Arabic & Persian are settled in western countries and form an integral part of their ethnic community. An ethnic rhinoplasty, though unique on its own, follows the same pattern as a generic rhinoplasty procedure. It is divided into a few subcategories based on the possible structural change to the patient's nose. The size, shape, bone structure, and cartilage are modified, restructured, and repositioned in the procedure to satisfy the patient's aesthetic appearance.


What's involved in the ethnic rhinoplasty procedure?


Our aim in ethnic rhinoplasty is to enhance the beauty of each person without losing the person's ethnicity. The main components of ethnic rhinoplasty are augmentation and reduction.


It involves removing the cartilage and bones for the nasal portion to obtain a straighter, more balanced nose.


An ethnic rhinoplasty procedure typically involves one of the following:


  • Augmenting the dorsum with the rib graft or and strong thick fascia
  • Obtaining more tip projection and elevation to blend nicely with the already augmented dorsum
  • Reducing the nasal hump
  • Correction of the droopy tip to get more tip projection and rotation


How long does it take for an ethnic rhinoplasty to heal?


The rhinoplasty healing process is very slow and may take up to two years. You may resume your work after seven to 10 days after surgery. The procedure usually is a same-day procedure and the patient will have a cast on the nose for up to between eight and 10 days. The bruises under the eyes generally disappear between after a period of between five to 10 days.


There are usually no bruises in any procedure (African, South-East Asian) at all. Up to 80 per cent of the swelling will subside in the first six weeks, while the remaining 20 per cent may take up to two years to fade away.


How much do ethnic rhinoplasties cost?


The cost of an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure in London varies between £9,000 and £14,000 depending on the procedure and the need for a rib graft. This cost involves consultation, open investigations, and a one-year post-surgery follow up.



Dr Bashar Bizrah is a leading ENT specialist who can help you decide if an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure is suitable for you. Contact him to book a consultation today via his Top Doctors profile

By Dr Bashar Bizrah
Otolaryngology / ENT

Dr Bashar Bizrah is a leading name in global rhinoplasty surgery and otolaryngology, practising in central London. He specialises in rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), functional nasal surgery and ethnic rhinoplasty alongside face and neck lifts, blepharoplasty and septoplasty, treating patients at the prestigious London Surgical Suites in Kensington.

Dr Bizrah is a pioneer, developing innovative techniques that have significantly changed medical approaches to rhinoplasty, face lifts and blepharoplasty. He prides himself in his awareness of multi-ethnic treatment protocols and how procedures must be tailored to suit a patient's background and ethnicity to achieve the best results. 

This expertise, combined with more than 25 years of experience that's seen him perform over 45,000 facial plastic surgeries, means that it's no surprise Dr Bizrah is sought after by royalty, celebrities and other well-known public figures for his excellent, bespoke level of care.

Dr Bizrah is highly qualified with a doctorate in Education from the University of Oxford and also has been awarded a diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO).

Dr Bizrah, who also has top skills in treating rhinitis, snoring problems and noisy breathing, and performs surgery for sinus problems, broken or deviated noses and nasal blockages, actively shares his knowledge with the aesthetic and otolaryngology community.
He has authored noted publication Rhinoplasty Facial Aesthetic Surgery and is the founder of the Rhinoplasty Bizrah Academy and the London Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. He hosts regular webinars where he discusses processes, procedures and techniques with colleagues and students. 

He is regularly invited to speak at plastic surgery forums and conferences around the world. He is an active member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS), the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFRPS). He is also a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FRCSEd).        

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