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Endoscopy: a leap forward in ear surgery

With the help of an endoscope, your doctor can send a tiny camera into your body to perform operations that were previously thought impossible. In previous articles we’ve looked at how everything from heart operations to knee replacements have benefitted from this technology. Today, we’re interviewing Mr Anthony Owa, celebrated ENT surgeon, about how the humble endoscope has revolutionised ear surgery.

ENT surgeon Mr Santdeep Paun - being a Top Doctor

Mr Santdeep Paun is a leading ENT (otolaryngology) surgeon who specialises in nasal and facial plastic surgery. He is based in a selection of well-known clinics across central London, including his clinics on Harley Street and at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. We spoke to Mr Santdeep Paun about why he chose to become a doctor and to become a specialist in ENT surgery.

Adenoid surgery for children: what to expect

The adenoids are lumps of lymphoid tissue that sit at the back of the nose. They are present in childhood, but in most cases disappear by adulthood. They are part of the immune system and play a role in fighting infections, but sometimes they can cause more harm than good. Mr Julian Hamann, a top paediatric otolaryngologist, explains adenoid surgery in children and what parents can expect.

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