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Adenoids: what are they and how should they be treated?

Adenoids, which are found at the back of the nose, can cause issues such as nasal blockage as well as various medical complications related to sleep. In our latest article, experienced ENT surgeon, Professor Stuart Winter, is on hand to offer us his expert knowledge with regards to what adenoids are exactly, and when it is time for them to be removed.

A specialist explains: cholesteatoma essentials

Though one of the smallest parts of the body, the eardrum and bones in the ear are important for our hearing ability. There are a multitude of conditions that can impact this ability, one being a cholesteatoma. In this article, expert consultant ENT surgeon Professor Mahmood Bhutta clarifies what it is and why it is important to have it taken care of.

Tear duct surgery: an all-you-need-to-know expert guide

Tear duct surgery is a surgical procedure that is typically performed in order to unblock and reopen blockage affecting the area between the eye socket and the nose. On hand to tell us what exactly the procedure involves as well as who the ideal candidate for the surgical intervention is, is highly revered consultant otolaryngologist, Mr Miran Pankhania.

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