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What would losing your balance feel like?

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to lose your sense of balance? Balance in humans is a complex interplay of various inbuilt systems in the body. It enables us to complete basic tasks in our day and we all take it for granted. Professor Owen Judd, a highly-trained consultant ENT surgeon with a special interest in balance disorders, explains what a balance disorder would feel like.

Clearing a stuffy nose while sleeping

A stuffy nose is something that bothers us all at some point, particularly when we have a cold. However, for some people a stuffy or congested nose is an ever-present problem and they need to see a nose specialist or rhinologist to sort it out. Mr Michael O'Connell, an expert consultant ENT and nasal plastic surgeon explains what causes a persistent blocked nose and how you can treat it throughout the night.

Septoplasty: what to expect before, during and after the procedure

If you have a crooked septum that doesn't run down the centre of your nose, making it difficult for you to breathe, then continue reading to understand what surgical options you have to fix this condition and improve the airflow through your nose. Mr Florian Bast, a leading otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon in London, explains everything you need to know about the surgical procedure.

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