Accelerated orthodontics

Accelerated orthodontics is a sub-specialty of orthodontics that aims to shorten the amount of time needed to have your teeth straightened. Some methods have been shown to speed up the process by between three to eight months. Traditional braces can take between two to four years to achieve straight teeth, but with accelerated orthodontics, the time is drastically reduced.


Types of accelerated orthodontics


There are a number of techniques aimed to reduce the amount of time needed to straighten the teeth. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the best procedure for you. Some of the most popular techniques include:



This technique not only speeds up the process of correcting your teeth, but is also minimally visible at the same time. Using transparent braces, the braces you wear will not easily be noticed, and the time it takes for your teeth to become straight is reduced compared to traditional wire braces.

Propel system

With this technique, a special technique of causing a small amount of trauma to the gums and bones helps the teeth to move more freely into the desired position, and will then heal in that place. This type of accelerated dentistry has been shown to reduce treatment time by up to 50%.



This technique uses a device that you wear for around 20 minutes per day, and uses a gentle pulse that helps to accelerate the movement of your teeth into the desired position. This technique is non-invasive and in conjunction with a brace, has been shown to greatly increase the speed of your treatment.


Who can have accelerated orthodontics treatments?


Most people are eligible for accelerated orthodontic treatments, as long as you have healthy gums, teeth and bones, and that you have all of your permanent teeth. Your orthodontist will assess you and inform you whether you are eligible, and which treatments you are eligible for.

Specialists in accelerated orthodontics require more training than regular orthodontics, and this technique can give a little more discomfort to the patient. However, the results are seen in a much shorter period of time, meaning you don’t have to put up wit wearing braces for a long period of time.

To enquire about accelerated orthodontics, make an appointment with a specialist.

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