Dental monitoring

What is dental monitoring?

Dental monitoring uses a smartphone app which is synced to computer software used in a dental clinic. This synchronisation allows the clinic to inform patients, via the app, that they need to send a photo of their Invisalign aligners, for example. The clinic would then assess these images to check if the patient's teeth are straightening and moving as planned. Therefore, dental monitoring provides a means of communication between patients and dentists that avoids the need of having the patient come into the clinic more than they absolutely need to.

A woman with healthy teeth smiles at her smartphone whilst using dental monitoring to check the progress of her dental treatment.

How does dental monitoring work?

Dental monitoring is an app that you download to your smartphone. The app is designed to be synchronised with the clinic you are receiving your dental treatment at. Depending on your treatment, the app will be used in different ways. For example, if you are having Invisalign treatment, then you may be asked to send photos of your teeth every two weeks via the app so that the clinic can assess them and compare them to the treatment plan in place. This also enables the clinic to check the movement of your teeth, and see if you need to come into the clinic for a check-up or appointment.

Why is dental monitoring done?

Dental monitoring is designed to benefit both the patient and the dentist. The main benefits of dental monitoring are:

  • Fewer visits to the dental clinic are needed.
  • Treatment results should be faster.
  • You can travel overseas whilst having your dental treatment.
  • You can communicate more easily with your dental team and clinic.
  • Fitting your dental treatment is easier to fit into your busy schedule and lifestyle.
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