Broken collarbone

Specialty of Orthopaedic surgery

The clavicle is the long, thin bone at the top of the chest between the sternum and shoulder. Its function is to connect the upper limb to the chest and to keep the shoulders aligned. There are various muscles attached to it (deltoids and trapezoid anteriorly and subclavian muscle, ligament and ligament conoid trapezoid posteriorly). It is one of the long bones with more variation: sometimes it is pierced by a branch of the supraclavicular nerve; in manual workers it is thicker and more curved and where the muscles are attached is more pronounced; also the right clavicle is more robust than the left and usually shorter. A broken collarbone is a common injury in children and adolescents, as these bones do not harden until they reach adulthood. Among collarbone injuries are also clavicle dislocation or acromioclavicular dislocation.

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