Clinical nutrition


1. What is clinical nutrition?

2. Why is clinical nutrition so important?

3. What can one expect from a clinical nutrition appointment?

What is clinical nutrition?

Clinical nutrition can be defined as the study and overall analysis of the relationship between ingested food and the overall well-being of the human body. Nutrionists are responsible for assessing all of any given patients' nutrients, and more specifically, how these nutrients are digested, transported, absorbed, stored, metabolised, and utilised before and after being excreted as human waste. 

It refers to the branch of medicine which helps patients to combat their medical problem through the implementation of proper nutrition and a balanced, healty diet. In other words, clinical nutrition entails a nutritionist analysing a patient's overall nutrition to determine whether or not they are consuming a sufficient amount of nutrients in their day-to-day diet. 

Why is clinical nutrition so important?

Not only does clinical nutrition prioritise the management of nutritional adjustments, but so too both the diagnosis and prevention of nutritional changes in patients who are perhaps linked to or at high risk of suffering from chronic diseases. 

What can one expect from a clinical nutrition appointment?

In the initial face-to-face clinical nutrition appintment, the patient's detailed case/medical history will be taken by the nutritionist. The patient's overall state of health will then be assessed through this information provided in the detailed medical history of the patient. 


Based on the information provided by the patient, the nutritionist may then suggest dietary and lifestyle adjustments. Dietary supplements may also be recommended, depending on the health of the patient in question. Generally, between two to three follow-up appointments are required to monitor the individual’s progress and make any minor adjustments to the initial program. 

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