What is liquid cryo-sclerotherapy?

Liquid cryo-sclerotherapy is a technique that promotes the gradual elimination of micro varicose veins and capillaries from the legs. 

Why is it performed?

Liquid cryo-sclerotherapy is a simple and quick technique that removes micro varicose veins safely and effectively. However, it not only improves the aesthetic appearance of varicose veins, but also reduces pressure on the circulatory system, minimises pain, and the sensation of heavy legs.

What does it involve?

It consists of introducing a sclerosing product into the blood capillary at a temperature of around -40⁰. The low temperature irritates the capillary wall, thus causing a hardening of the capillary, a process known as sclerosis. This results in the disappearance of the micro varicose vein. 

During the procedure, you may notice a slight stinging sensation and redness of the area due to the cold, which will disappear within 24-48 hours.  This procedure offers good results and prevents the subsequent appearance of pigmentation that may occur with other sclerosing procedures.

The syringe used for the procedure has two compartments: the inner compartment contains the sclerosing product and the outer compartment contains the carbonic snow that provides the cold necessary for the sclerosing liquid to remain at -40⁰ throughout the session. 

How to prepare for it

No special preparation is necessary for liquid cryosclerosis.

Post-treatment care

No specific care is necessary after liquid cryo-sclerotherapy. However, you should avoid sun exposure, so it is best to have the cryo-sclerotherapy treatment in winter or when you are not planning to sunbathe.

The treatment is generally well tolerated. Any redness or stinging sensation will disappear within 24-48 hours, and you may notice a purplish colour appear during the 15 days following treatment, which will disappear within a few days. In any case, all you need to do is apply a cream.

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