Dark circles

Specialty of Aesthetic medicine

The treatment for reducing the appearance of dark circles around the eyes involves the injection of collagen or hyaluronic acid to the affected areas. Given the delicacy of the eye area, it is a complex but mostly pain-free treatment, although local or topical anaesthesia can be used to reduce patient discomfort. The treatment can be applied to both men and women of all ages and it is a very effective and satisfactory way to beautify that area of the face. It can be used to treat dark circles, bags and sunken circles that make faces look dull, old and tired. The results are immediately visible from the first session but to achieve the desired effect, some cases may require two to three sessions. Furthermore, the lasting effects of the surgery will depend on the patient and the amount of collagen or hyaluronic acid injected and an improvement session can be carried out once a year.

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