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What is dacryocystorhinostomy? Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is a surgical procedure that aims to restore the drainage of tears from the eye when the tear ducts are blocked. Tears are produced to keep the eyes clean and moist. More tears are produced...

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Damon braces

Dentistry, Orthodontics

What are Damon braces? Damon braces (also referred to as the “Damon system”) are self-ligating braces, which means that the brackets have a component that closes around the wire, rather than being secured with elastic ligatures as with conventional braces. It is ...

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Dandruff and seborrhea


What is dandruff? Dandruff is a common scalp disorder characterised by excessive peeling and flaking of the skin on your head. Dandruff is usually easily managed and is not contagious. What are the symptoms of dandruff? The main symptoms of dandruff are: White flakes or scales of dead skin in the hair near the scalp An...

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Dark circles

Aesthetic medicine , Dermatology , Ophthalmology , Plastic surgery, GP (general practitioner)

What is dark circle treatment? Dark circles (technically known as idiopathic cutaneous hyperchromia of the orbital region) refer to the darkest area under the eyes. They can be hereditary, caused by hyperpigmentation, shadows, allergies, asthma or eczema or be due to medication, fatigue, sadness, hormonal changes, age or nutritional deficiency. Dark circle treatment is a highly effective and satisfactory technique to enhance this area of the face by correcting...

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Day hospitals


What are day hospitals? A day hospital is a healthcare building in which the patient receives the care they need without leaving their family environment. The patient is hospitalised for a specified number of hours during in which they receive the treatments they require.

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De Quervain syndrome

Orthopaedic surgery, Plastic surgery

What is De Quervain syndrome? De Quervain syndrome is an inflammation of the tendon sheath (a membrane encasing the joints in the human body) of the tendons that control thumb. This condition causes your thumb to thicken and the tendon sheath to shrink, limiting your articular motion and leading to overall pain in your hand and wrist. What is the...

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Otolaryngology / ENT, Paediatric otolaryngology, Audiovestibular medicine

What is deafness? Deafness, also known as hearing loss, describes difficulty hearing or the total inability to hear. Deafness can be partial or complete and can occur gradually, with age or it can happen suddenly. Some people are born with deafness. What are the symptoms of deafness? Particularly if hearing loss is happening gradually,...

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Deep brain stimulation (DBS)

Neurology, Neurosurgery

What is deep brain stimulation? Deep brain stimulation involves electrodes being implanted in certain areas of the brain to help people with a range of neurological disorders. Why is deep brain stimulation performed? Deep brain stimulation is a treatment for movement disorders and for people who are not able to have control over...

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Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Phlebology, Vascular surgery, Surgery, Radiology, Interventional radiology, Haematology

Index: What is deep vein thrombosis (DVT)? What are the signs and symptoms of DVT? Who is at risk of DVT? Is DVT more of a risk in pregnancy? How is DVT diagnosed? What treatment is available for DVT? What...

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Obstetrics & gynaecology

What is a defecography? A defecography is a type of radiological imaging exam done to investigate potential conditions of the pelvic floor, rectum or anus - that is, anatomical anomalies that could cause an issue during defecation. Contrast medium is inserted in an upright ampoule-like device, which will be visible during the X-ray scan. What does a defecography involve? You will be sitting on a special, X-ray sensitive chair equipped with a commode. During...

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