Dental therapist

Specialty of Dentistry

What is a dental therapist?

A dental therapist is different from a dental hygienist who help patients maintain their oral health by promoting good oral health practice. A dental therapist can perform everything a dental hygienist does, but is also able to perform other dental treatments either direct to patients, or under prescription from a dentist.

What procedures can a dental therapist perform?

A dental therapist may do the following:

  • Obtain a dental and medical history.
  • A full periodontal examination.
  • Tooth whitening
  • Administering inhalation sedation.
  • Removing sutures from dental wounds.
  • Supragingival and subgingival scaling using manual and powered instruments.
  • Topical treatments and fissure sealants.
  • Giving advice on how to stop smoking.
  • Take oral photographs.
  • Re-cement crowns temporarily.
  • Take impressions.
  • Implant care and treatment of peri-implant tissues.
  • Oral cancer screenings.

Therefore, for any of the above procedures, a dental therapist may be responsible. Other skills are performed by dentists, orthodontists or other dental specialists.

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