Inverted nipples

What is inverted nipple correction surgery?

The purpose of inverted nipple correction surgery is to place inverted nipples, also called flat or umbilicated nipples, in their natural position: protruding, rather than retracted. This is a simple operation of short duration, and it can be performed under local anaesthesia.



Why is the operation carried out?

In some women, the nipple does not point outwards, as it normally should. This abnormality becomes apparent after puberty and although there is no reason why it should be a health problem, many women find that it affects their self-image and confidence and so want to correct it. Although this abnormality primarily affects women, men may also have inverted or retracted nipples.

The abnormality has varying degrees of seriousness: it may be that the nipple inverts only occasionally; or it may be that the nipple is positioned inside the breast because the muscle filaments that should maintain the nipple in the correct position do not exist or are too short.

What does the operation entail?

During corrective surgery for mild cases, an incision is made around the base of the umbilicated nipple, making it point outwards and separating it from the muscle filaments. In other more serious cases, the lactiferous ducts, through which milk passes during lactation, must be eliminated; the woman must take this into consideration when deciding whether to proceed with the intervention.

Presurgical precautions

Before surgery, the breast must be examined in order to rule out a malignant process. Depending on the patient’s particular health situation, the surgeon may require that additional medical assessments be done before the intervention. 

Postsurgical precautions

In most cases, the patient can return to their normal routine immediately after the operation. She only needs to avoid physical activity for 10 days after the operation.

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