Specialty of Aesthetic medicine

This treatment adds volume and induces the body to produce natural collagen-based hydroxyapatite calcium aims to recover in a natural way and without the need of having surgery, the optimum distribution of the volume of the face. Get a younger look by getting an unprecedented lifting effect. The results are very natural, can be seen immediately and last up to a year after its injection. The natural collagen inducing treatment is indicated to correct imperfections and improve skin smoothness, recovering the so-called "V-Effect" on the face, and shaping its outline and volume. This treatment is performed through a natural collagen puncture technique based on calcium hydroxyapatite in areas that show flaccidity. Before starting the treatment, topical anaesthesia is applied to avoid the annoyances that can cause the punctures in the most sensitive areas. Normally, two or three sessions are required to achieve the target, and it is advisable to leave a period of about four or five weeks between sessions. The effect is usually immediate and very satisfactory, although the final result is observed after two or three months and lasts up to one year after treatment.

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