Nose reshaping

Specialty of Aesthetic medicine

Nasal remodelling is a treatment that reshapes the nose without surgery, correcting irregularities in the profile of both the ridge and the nose tip, depending on the specific needs of the patient. It is important to note that this treatment is not suitable for all types of noses, as it cannot change the bone base, therefore it is not indicated for a very large nose and a very prominent ridge. For these cases there are other types of nose jobs that are more suitable, such as rhinoplasty, which is the nose surgery that corrects the functionality of the nose, and modify the bone or cartilage structures to adapt the nose to the face. Nasal remodelling is performed by microinjection of various fillers: if the nose is reshaped by applying hyaluronic acid in the precise points, the results will last nine months because this substance is reabsorbed and after this time the treatment must be repeated. When looking for a permanent result, Metacrill microinjections are applied.
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