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Nail diseases

Dermatology , Pathology, Paediatric surgery

What are nail diseases? Your nails can be an indicator of your general state of health, signalling problems and issues through discolouration and overall growth rate. Discolouration can be an indicator of kidney, heart and lung diseases, among other conditions. Therefore it is important to keep an eye on your nail health as their appearance can be an indicator of other pathologies. However,...

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Aesthetic medicine

What is Nanofat grafting? Nanofat grafting is a minimally invasive procedure that counteracts the signs of ageing by regenerating the skin. To do this, a specialist will use liquified and filtered fat, which is rich in stem cells, from the patient’s own body. Why is it done? Nanofat grafting rejuvenates the face and body by restoring the volume and quality of the skin. It’s designed to treat delicate areas such as wrinkles around the lips, dark...

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Neurology, Neurophysiology

What is narcolepsy? Narcolepsy is a neurological condition which affects your brain’s control over when you sleep. It’s a condition characterised by “sleep attacks” during the day, where you suddenly fall asleep without control. Narcolepsy is relatively rare, affecting just 1 in 2000 people, and affecting men and women equally. The cause is not clear, but it’s thought that narcolepsy can be triggered by puberty, menopause,...

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Nasal cancer

Oral & maxillofacial surgery , Otolaryngology / ENT, Plastic surgery

What is nose and sinus cancer? Nose and sinus cancer is a type of head and neck cancer concentrated in the nasal passages and sinuses. What are the symptoms of nose and sinus...

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Nasal deformity

Otolaryngology / ENT, Paediatric otolaryngology

Index: What are nasal deformities? Prognosis of nasal deformities Symptoms of nasal deformities Medical tests for nasal deformities What causes nasal deformities? Treatments for nasal deformities Which specialist treats...

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Nasal endoscopy

Otolaryngology / ENT, Paediatric otolaryngology, Gastroenterology

What is a nasal endoscopy? A nasal endoscopy is a multifunctional exploratory procedure performed at the otorhinolaryngologist’s clinic to examine the nose, neck and larynx. It is carried out using a flexible fibre-optic instrument with a cold light source, a camera and a monitor. This allows for an easy and direct exploration of cavities in the body that are normally difficult to see. What does a nasal endoscopy involve? A nasal endoscopy is performed...

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Nasal polyps

Otolaryngology / ENT, Allergy & immunology, Paediatric otolaryngology

What are nasal polyps? Nasal polyps are semi-transparent growths that can form in any part of the sino-nasal mucosa. These are benign, but they may grow to the extent that they obstruct the nasal cavities. This condition is also called polypoid sinusitis. The polyps can develop at different sites in the cavities, but usually new ones develop further inwards, on the...

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Nasal septal perforation

Otolaryngology / ENT, Paediatric otolaryngology

Index: What is a perforated nasal septum? Outlook of a nasal perforated septum Symptoms of a perforated nasal septum Medical tests to diagnose a perforated nasal septum What causes a perforated nasal septum Can a perforated nasal septum be prevented?

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Nasal trauma

Otolaryngology / ENT, Paediatric otolaryngology

What is nasal trauma? Nasal trauma is an injury to the nose or it’s surrounding areas. They can be either internal or external and thanks to the position of your nose, the nasal bones, cartilage and tissue are particularly vulnerable to external injuries. What are the different types of nasal traumas? The commonest types of...

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Natural childbirth

Obstetrics & gynaecology

What is natural childbirth? A natural birth is one that occurs without the help of drugs such as an epidural. Some women with low risk pregnancies opt for this natural way of giving birth in order to avoid the possible risks that drugs can...

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