Paediatric dentist

Specialty of Dentistry

The children's dentistry is the area of ​​dentistry that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and dental care for children. The first aim of this specialty is the parents of the importance of teaching and help their children maintain good oral hygiene by brushing teeth awareness, and take them to the dentist regularly, while showing no discomfort. Acquire from childhood oral hygiene habits reduce your chances of getting cavities, gingivitis or periodontitis. In addition, early diagnosis of any condition and treatment will help in the future, to have a better oral development. Controlling the oral health of children is important, since the mouth plays a critical role in nutrition, phonetics and aesthetics of the people. In children, the most common problems are caries and malocclusion of the teeth that are treated by restorative and orthodontic techniques (devices), respectively.

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