Sibling rivalry

All children will argue at some point with their sibling(s) and this is normal. In fact, caregivers can expect siblings to argue and even fall out temporarily on quite a regular basis. The relationship that exists between siblings, including the ups and downs, will help them in the future to establish other friendships and relationships. Siblings can argue for several reasons, with a common one being that as they may be of different ages, their development levels are not the same, and their interests are unlikely to be either. This means they may not get on, see eye to eye, or fully understand each other and their feelings. Sibling rivalry can also result from siblings competing for attention from older siblings or parents. Sibling rivalry can be difficult to manage for parents, but there are ways to manage it. Some parents may find it helpful to consult a child psychologist if sibling rivalry is causing significant disruption and distress to family life.

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