Studies of skin types

Specialty of Aesthetic medicine

Studies of skin type are considered essential in dermatology since each person requires a personalised treatment according to their skin characteristics. From the clinical study of each patient, we obtain information about the level of hydration, elasticity, thickness and sebaceous secretion of the skin. The classification of the skins includes four basic types: dry skin, which presents a greater loss of water and is more unprotected against possible risks; oily skin, in which the sebaceous secretion is very high; sensitive skin, which reacts to many stimuli that do not provoke a reaction in normal skin; and normal skin, characterised by an ideal balance between water levels and sebum. Therefore, it is recommended that we ask ourselves the question of "what kind of skin do I have?" to prevent future skin conditions and to know what kind of creams, shampoos and soaps we should use more, as well as the preventive measures we must take to take care of our skin.

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