Specialty of Paediatrics

What is the Therasuit?

Therasuit is a lightweight orthopaedic suit used in physiotherapy in an intensive treatment for children with neurological and sensory disorders. Using this system, an improvement in external stability can be seen and consequently, more natural and coordinated movements can be achieved.

Why is it done?

The goals of Therasuit treatment are to reduce muscle tone, increase correct active movement patterns, reduce pathological movement patterns, develop strength and thus strengthen the muscles responsible for movement. This therapy may be used in patients with cerebral palsy, stroke, very weak muscle tone, brain trauma, developmental delay, athetosis and ataxia.

What does it consist of?

The Therasuit therapy consists of a system of elastic bands to help the child improve their body alignment, facilitating further learning of correct movement behaviour. During the sessions, mobility and physiotherapy exercises are developed. The intensive treatment of several hours per session has proven to be highly effective. Motor skills may improve up to 94% in patients and 64% improvement in language fluency.

Preparation for Therasuit

Treatment with Therasuit should be done in a conditioned environment where the exercises can be performed according to the capabilities of each patient, and under the supervision of physiotherapists and neurologists who understand the needs of the patient. No preparation is necessary before the Therasuit sessions.

Care after the intervention

It is not necessary to maintain specific care after the sessions, although depending on the case it is possible that the physiotherapist may advise massages, exercises or a certain diet to optimise treatment.

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