Tuberous breast


  1. What are tuberous breasts?
  2. What are the symptoms?
  3. What causes tuberous breasts?
  4. What is the treatment?

What are tuberous breasts?

Tuberous breasts, also known as tubular breasts, are breasts which are tube-shaped instead of rounded and which have a larger space of separation between the breasts. The areolae are also usually large, and the lower part of the breast lacks development. There are various degrees of malformation.

What are the symptoms?

The characteristics of tuberous breasts are:

  • Conical shape instead of rounded
  • Too much space between the breasts
  • Lack of growth or development of the lower part and inside of the breast
  • Large and dilated areolae
  • Asymmetrical breasts

What causes tuberous breasts?

Tuberous breasts are caused by the existence of a genetic alteration of the tissue that covers the mammary gland, which is abnormally rigid, preventing the harmonious development of the breasts during adolescence.

What is the treatment?

Tuberous breast surgery is performed to correct a malformation in the breasts which causes them to have a shape similar to tubes instead of developing a rounded shape.

The surgical technique used varies depending on the case, to give the bust volume and a more rounded shape, placing the areola and the nipple in the correct position. Generally, if it is a mild abnormality, it can be treated with the implantation of a prosthesis, without need for any complete glandular reshaping, as is the case in serious malformations. In these cases, the diameter of the areola would be reduced, and incisions would need to be made around it and/or at the base of the breast to relax the rigid area of the chest and to be able to redistribute the gland.

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