Dr James Fairley

Otolaryngologist in


Dr James Fairley areas of expertise:

Professional statement

Dr James Fairley is a skilled London-based ENT consultant with over 30 years' experience. After studying a BSc in Pharmacology, Dr Fairley carried out drug development research in Switzerland, and a Clinical Clerkship at Harvard University, before qualifying as a doctor in 1981. Dr Fairley is an expert consultant with a wide range of specialist interest, in both children's and adult care. His specialties include ear problems, hearing and balance disorders, nose and sinus problems, and in children, tonsils, glue ear, adenoids and grommets. Dr Fairley has significant experience in training and education, teaching clinical skills and middle ear surgery to ENT registrars and giving both national and international presentations on his work. He has served on several committees and was founding President of the BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aids) professionals group. He is also appointed with frequency as an Expert Witness for medico-legal cases, and by the UK General Medical Council in fitness to practice cases. 

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

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