Specialty of Otolaryngology / ENT

Otitis is an inflammation of the inner ear and is classified according to the duration of the disease: acute, between 1 to 3 weeks; subacute, between 3 to 12 weeks; and chronic when it lasts more than 12 weeks. Along with the inflammation, the space may fill with a watery liquid (serous), mucous or pus. The causes of otitis are malfunctioning Eustachian tube, infection of the upper respiratory or allergic problems (allergic otitis). Generally, bacteria and viruses are the cause of ear infection. The most common symptoms of otitis include ear ache, fever, irritability, drainage, dizziness and, rarely, facial paralysis. In these cases, antibiotic treatment is sufficient to cure ear infections, although sometimes they are accompanied by nasal decongestants and mucolytic. In patients with chronic otitis, the most obvious symptom is hearing loss and its treatment is determined accordingly.
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