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Metastasis - Medical specialists

Mr Manoj Sood

Orthopaedic surgery hip, knee and sports (3)

Hip replacement , Knee replacement, Anterior cruciate ligament , Sports injuries, Knee cartilage replacement, Tendon injuries


Dr Nawaz Walji

Clinical oncologist

Breast cancer , Gynaecological cancer, Chemotherapy , Radiotherapy , Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), Brachytherapy


Mr Simon Smith

Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

Breast reduction , Breast augmentation, Breast cancer , Breast lumps, Parathyroid gland surgery, Thyroid surgery


Professor Tan Arulampalam

Surgeon (2)

Hernia, Bowel surgery, Gallbladder surgery , Pilonidal sinus, Anal fistula, Endoscopy


Professor Hemant Kocher

Surgeon (5)

Gallstones, Hernia, Liver cancer , Liver surgery, Pancreatic cancer , Pancreatitis


Mr Kislaya Kumar Thakur

Breast Surgeon

Breast cancer , Breast surgery , Mastalgia , Gynaecomastia , Mastitis , Breast cancer surgery


Mr Ian Holloway

Orthopaedic surgeon (4)

Hip replacement , Bone metastases , Knee arthroscopy , Osteoarthritis, Knee osteoarthritis , Arthroplasty


Mr David Johnstone

Orthopaedic surgeon

Hip replacement , Knee replacement, Revision hip replacement, Knee surgery , Knee arthroscopy , Knee arthritis


Mr Ravindran Kuzhupilly Ranjith

Orthopaedic surgeon

Knee replacement, Robotic surgery , Partial knee replacement, Revision knee replacement, Hip replacement , Cartilage repair


Dr Mark Tuthill

Medical oncologist

Immunotherapy , Breast cancer , Prostate cancer , Kidney cancer , Bladder cancer, Testicular cancer


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