Dr Salam Salloum

Cardiologist in Northamptonshire


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Professional statement

Dr Salam Salloum is a seasoned professional in cardiovascular medicine, boasting over 20 years of experience across cardiac surgery, cardiac intensive care, and cardiology. His journey began with rigorous training at prestigious UK University Hospitals, where he gained expertise in various aspects of cardiac care.
In 2016, Dr Salloum was appointed as a consultant cardiologist, specialising in heart failure, valve disease, and advanced cardiac imaging techniques. His extensive training includes significant stints at renowned institutions like Southampton University Hospital, Papworth Hospital in Cambridge, and Oxford University Hospital.
Further enhancing his skills, Dr Salloum pursued specialised training, earning a level 3 EACVI Accreditation in cardiac MRI during a fellowship at The Royal Brompton Hospital in London. He holds British, European, and American Board Certifications in echocardiography, reflecting his commitment to professional development.
Throughout his career, Dr Salloum has conducted and interpreted thousands of diagnostic procedures, including dobutamine stress echo, cardiac MRI studies, and cardiac CT scans, showcasing his expertise in assessing complex cardiovascular conditions.
Driven by a passion for accessible healthcare, Dr Salloum has embraced virtual medicine, offering comprehensive cardiology services online. Whether addressing pre-operative concerns, post-operative care, or cardiovascular symptoms, he is dedicated to providing personalised guidance and support through virtual consultations.
As a cardiologist, Dr Salloum ensures that individuals facing cardiovascular challenges receive expert care and guidance, leveraging modern technology to deliver quality healthcare to patients wherever they are.

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