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What causes a fear of the dentist?

Dental anxiety is one of the greatest difficulties facing dentists. Some patients are so anxious about receiving dental treatment that they delay or cancel appointments, resulting in poor oral healthcare and increased dental problems. London psychologist, Sarah Barker, explains why some people fear the dentist chair so much and what she would recommend to her patients to overcome this fear.

How can I improve my child's social skills?

Young children communicate their thoughts and feelings in many ways, including facial expressions, body language, playing and using words. Dr Debora Elijah, a cognitive neuropsychologist in London, explains to us how we, as parents, can support social development in our children and gives us an overview of the programmes on offer at her private practice, The Elijah Centre.

What is psychotherapy?

Deciding to begin any form of therapy can be daunting and confusing, especially if you're not sure which therapy is right for you. One thing is for certain though, the type of psychological treatment you decide on should always feel comfortable to you. Dr Gabriela van den Hoven, a clinical psychologist in London, explains exactly what psychotherapy offers, what the main goals of this treatment are and offers her advice to anyone considering it.

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