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How to break the insomnia cycle and rebalance your immune system

Getting enough sleep optimises your metabolism and makes you maximally prepared in case you get sick. However, it prevents not only physical but psychological problems too, which increased during the pandemic COVID-19. If you find that you can't sleep and are stuck in an insomnia cycle, Dr Catherine Sykes explains in this article what you can do to break it and get your life back on track.

How is the COVID-19 pandemic changing our relationships?

Times are certainly hard for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic and some people might find that thanks to lockdown, social distancing and working from home, that their relationships with family, friends and colleagues are feeling strained. We asked one of our expert psychologists Dr Nicky Kimber-Rogal for advice on how to manage relationships during the latest lockdown.

"ADHD doesn't exist" - a top psychologist debunks the myth

“Everybody has ADHD symptoms. If we search for these symptoms in people, then everybody has ADHD". While this statement is somewhat true, ADHD symptoms are more complex than many realise and when the condition is correctly defined, it is more than real. Yet critics remain unconvinced. Dr Valentino A. Pironti, a leading psychologist in London and Cambridge, aims to resolve this common misconception.

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