Is it possible to get pregnant if you have severe endometriosis?

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Endometriosis is a disease that affects almost 20% of the female population and is characterised by the presence of menstrual blood within the abdominal cavity. Severe endometriosis is the most aggressive manifestation of this disease, characterised by the spread of the disease to all pelvic organs including the rectum, pelvic peritoneum, ureters, and bladder. The main symptom of severe endometriosis is a disabling pain that affects the patient for practically the entire menstrual cycle. Pain can also occur during sexual intercourse, pain when defecating and when urinating.



What are the consequences of endometriosis?


The main consequence of endometriosis is pain. It is a disabling and dull pain that can affect all aspects of the patient's life including work, family and even sexual relations. It is a pain that is often misunderstood by general practitioners who care for these patients and can even lead to the patient needing antidepressant treatment.


Is pregnancy possible with severe endometriosis?


It is not only possible that a patient with severe endometriosis can become pregnant, it is actually desirable. The problem is that about 50% of cases may require assisted reproduction techniques or techniques of artificial insemination to become pregnant.


What is the treatment of severe endometriosis?


The treatment of severe endometriosis is surgical. Although there are multiple hormonal and anti-inflammatory treatments, these treatments are ineffectual in controlling the symptoms of the condition. The surgical treatment is performed by laparoscopy, requires multidisciplinary and specialised teams and its goal is to eradicate the condition. Despite the complexity of the procedure, recovery is usually rapid and without scars and the pain is eliminated.

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