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How should cystitis be managed?

Mr Ahmed Ismail, a renowned consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist based in London, spoke with us to discuss the various treatment options for cystitis. We discussed the causes, symptoms and the treatment options that are available. Mr Ismail also explained how lifestyle habits should be changed and why 'rough sex' should be avoided if you have cystitis. Find out (almost) everything you need to know about managing cystitis, in this article.

Colposcopy: what exactly is it and what does it detect?

A colposcopy is an extremely thorough examination and analysis of the cervix, vagina, as well as the vulva, in order to detect any abnormal cells. It can also be used to diagnose or indeed rule out any potentially harmful diseases. On hand to offer us an expert, detailed insight into a colposcopy procedure is highly experienced leading consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Mr Timothy Hookway.

Vaginal wall prolapse: how does it occur, what are the different types and how is it repaired?

Vaginal wall prolapse is a medical condition that can affect the well-being and health of women across the globe. There are, however, effective ways to treat it. In our latest article, revered consultant gynaecologist, Dr Avanti Patil, offers us her expert insight into why vaginal wall prolapse occurs and how it can be repaired.

When is a tilted cervix normal and when is treatment required?

While a tilted cervix is normal for many women, some conditions may cause a cervix to be tilted rather than it being a natural occurrence. Further medical investigation, especially related to pregnancy and fertility, may be required. Expert consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Thanga Katimada discusses this alongside taking an expert look at the condition itself.

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