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Fertility after 35: Why egg quality matters as much as quantity

It’s a common misconception that if you’re a woman, your supply of eggs will run out by your early 40s. As consultant gynaecologist Mr Mahantesh Karoshi explains, quality matters more than quantity, which is why certain fertility treatments such as pre-implantation genetic screening and egg freezing are becoming increasingly popular.

Cervical cancer screening: what does it mean when CIN is detected?

Cervical cancer most commonly affects younger women, so it is important to have regular cervical smear tests to ensure that any sign of pre-cancerous cells is dealt with. If abnormalities are detected in a smear test, you may be referred for a colposcopy. CIN is one such abnormality that a colposcopy can detect. Mr Angus McIndoe, a leading gynaecologist, explains what CIN is and how they can be treated.

Why do I keep getting urinary tract infections? Recurrent UTIs in women

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are never fun, with patients suffering pain while urinating, frequent trips to the toilet, and abdominal pain. The worst part is that some people seem to get them again and again. What causes recurrent UTIs? Expert urologist Mr Ranjan Thilagarajah provides some answers to this common problem.

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