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When should you see a doctor about spotting between periods?

Bleeding between periods is classified as abnormal menstrual bleeding although it is a relatively common issue. There are a number of causes behind spotting as leading consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Ms Pushpakala Maharajan explains in this article. She also offers expert insight on how conditions related to spotting are diagnosed.

Empowering women to live well: Treating the aftereffects of childbirth

Vaginal relaxation is a common problem affecting women as a consequence of childbirth or changes that occur during the menopause. In this article, expert gynaecologist and specialist obstetrician Dr Alexander Bader, renowned for his innovative surgical methods in reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal procedures in Europe, outlines the treatment options available for women.

Miscarriage: an insight into the rates and its psychological impact

Miscarriage is a possibility that many individuals may have to face in their lifetime, and can prove to be a very difficult experience for everyone concerned with the pregnancy, especially for the pregnant person. In our latest article, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Mr Christian Barnick, provides us with an in-depth, expert analysis of miscarriage.

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