Straightening out your Invisalign queries

Written by: Dr Katerina Rousea
Edited by: Karolyn Judge

You’ve decided to make the step towards a sparkling smile by investing in Invisalign, but what actually takes place at the first appointment with your orthodontist?


Dr Katerina Rousea, a leading Oxford general dental practitioner with a special interest in orthodontics, speaks to Top Doctors about your initial Invisalign consultation, what’s involved and common questions that are asked in this informative article.


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What happens at the first Invisalign consultation?

The first thing that happens at the initial Invisalign consultation; I take time to understand my patients and understand the treatment goals so that I'm able to guide them through their new smile journey. It's very, very important to take the time and create a more bespoke service for them based on their needs and goals


I'll also carry out an examination and will also produce a scan with a 3Shape scanner along with a digital simulation, and a smile simulation so that the patient understands what's possible through aligner treatment. 


We'll also discuss the basic principles of aligner treatment and assess suitability because not everyone can have orthodontic treatment. We spend plenty of time to answer any questions you may have.



How long does this consultation last? 

The initial orthodontic consultation lasts approximately forty minutes. 



What questions should you ask the specialist?

The questions you should be asking an expert are:


  • Whether this treatment is going to be suitable for you;
  • Whether it's going to lead to any changes to your oral hygiene routine;
  • If it's going to affect your day-to-day life and activities, for instance if you're a member of a choir or if you play sport, it would be a very good idea to mention it at this appointment so that you get all the answers to the questions you may have. 


Obviously, it's good to know how long this treatment is going to take



Might an expert recommend a different treatment? If so, why? 

An expert could recommend a different treatment as opposed to starting straightaway on Invisalign treatment. If there are any ongoing concerns in terms of oral hygiene or condition of the teeth and the supporting tissues. 


Also, it has to do with how committed you are to this type of treatment since it involves removable appliances, it will require a lot of teamwork but also your personal time and dedication to adhering to the instructions issued. 


Is Invisalign age specific? is another question that we get asked quite a lot. The easy answer is no and it can be useful for all age groups


Another question that is asked frequently is whether Invisalign is suitable for patients with dental implants? The easy answer is that, yes, it is possible and sometimes it can refine a final outcome in terms of aesthetic and function



How long, following the first consultation, before you get the Invisalign aligners?

After the initial Invisalign consultation, should the patient wish to continue their new smile journey, it will be approximately four weeks




If you’re interested in getting Invisalign or have other general dentistry or orthodontic requirements, arrange an appointment with Dr Rousea via her Top Doctors profile.

By Dr Katerina Rousea

Dr Aikaterini (Katerina) Rousea is a highly-experienced general dental practitioner with a special interest in orthodontics, practising in various esteemed dental clinics in Oxford. With over 20 years of experience, Dr Rousea is highly skilled in facial aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry, smile design, and teeth whitening. Dr Rousea is particularly accomplished in the provision of Invisalign aligners to patients of all ages, which has earned her recognition as an Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider.  

Dr Rousea graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 1998, qualifying in dentistry. From 1998 to 2000, she worked at a specialist practice in Thessaloniki as an associate. After relocating to the UK, in 2004 Dr Rousea undertook the West Midlands regional training scheme for clinical assistants in orthodontics. Throughout her clinical career, Dr Rousea has dedicated herself to remaining up-to-date and involved in post-graduate education. She has earned various post-graduate certificates, such as in aesthetic and restorative dentistry in 2008 and multi-system implantology in 2010.  

Dr Rousea has worked as a dental clinician for over 20 years, in numerous esteemed clinics. Two years after completing the European Masters of Aligners in 2017, Dr Rousea achieved Invisalign Platinum Elite II status, which she retained for three consecutive years. Dr Rousea is a pioneer of the latest products and applications for align technology. Dr Rousea treats patients with an ethical and caring attitude, offering them bespoke experiences.  

Currently, Dr Rousea sees patients privately at The White Bridge Clinic, Oxford.  

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