CO2 Surgical Laser

What is a CO2 surgical laser and what is it used for?

A CO2 surgical laser is a type of laser that is used in dermatological and gynaecological surgery. CO2 laser surgery is a simple procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis. It is quick, safe and painless and only requires a topical anaesthetic cream. The laser is highly precise and allows the effective removal of any type of dermatological lesion, even those that are benign and are removed only for aesthetic reasons.

In gynaecology, this type of laser allows vaporising and cutting to reduce surgical damage, whilst the preserving surrounding tissue. This enables faster post-operative recovery.

In gynaecology these, and other, pathologies can be treated:

In the area of dermatology, this treatment is used to remove warts, moles and other types of lesions.

What does C02 laser surgery involve?

The CO2 laser procedure for removing lesions is quick and comfortable. Once the lesion has been anaesthetised, it is selectively and precisely vaporised, allowing the surgeon to control the exact depth they want to reach. This means that the lesion can be eliminated precisely, thereby minimising the risk of subsequent scarring.

How do you feel after the procedure?

During the first few days a small scab will develop in the area, which will come away by itself, leaving a reddish area that later returns to the normal skin colour and is barely noticeable in most cases.

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