What is a micropenis?

‘Micropenis’ is the term for an excessively small penis. Micropenis is a medical condition rather than simply a penis which is small in size, and can be diagnosed by a doctor. Only a small portion of men have a micropenis (roughly 0.6%), and it is usually diagnosed in newborn babies.

What are the symptoms of micropenis?

A baby’s penis is considered ‘normal’ size at 2.5cm in length. Anything significantly below this measurement would most likely be considered to be a micropenis. A micropenis, however, does not generally affect the ability to urinate, have sexual intercourse, or achieve orgasm.

What are the causes?

Micropenis may be caused by hormone disorders, when an abnormal level of the hormone which plays a part in the development of the sexual organs is present. Micropenis can also occur alone, which no obvious hormonal cause.

Treatment for micropenis 

While there is no overall cure for micropenis, in some cases, hormonal treatment can be initiated to stimulate the growth of the genitals. In adult patients, hormonal treatment can be chosen and depending on the case, surgery such as a phalloplasty can also be performed. It is best to speak with a paediatric endocrinologist or urologist in order to determine the best course of treatment.

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